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Kegani, also known as "Horsehair Crab", are one of the most famous crabs in Hokkaido and throughout Japan. Each crab is preboiled and flash frozen to keep its flavour, its meat it sweet and succulent while its roe is creamy and rich. 

These crabs are freshly caught off the Hokkaido Coasts which are rich and teeming with life.

Each crab weighs about 500g

Taste: Sweet and juicy

Texture: firm and tender 

Size: 500g

Cooking methods:

Fully defrost the crab in the fridge overnight or on the kitchen table for 3-4 hours. Once at room temperature, steam, bake or BBQ the crab for 5-8 minutes and it is ready to eat!

Different ways you can eat Kegani:
As the Kegani has already been pre-boiled, it can be eaten as it is after defrosting. It can also be used steamboat.