Kizami Nori 100g 刻み海苔
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A whole lot of flavour in just a little bit of seaweed! This pack is chock full of finely shredded dried pieces of nori seaweed, ideal for using to garnish soup and noodle dishes, okonomiyaki, pickles, salads, and more. In short, this shredded nori seaweed will add flavour and aesthetic value to just about any Japanese dish.

What is Nori / Seaweed / 海苔

Nori is one of the most popular seaweeds used in present-day Japanese cuisine. When nori seaweed is dried it has a slightly salty flavour that is nicely offset by the mild nuttiness of boiled white rice. This is why nori and white rice make for such a winning combination with sushi. To experiment more with this interesting seaweed in your cooking, take a look at Japan Centre’s range.

Ingredient   : Seaweed

Category   : Seaweeds, Ramen, Miso, Soup. Takoyaki, Okonomi, Sushi.

Product of China

Produced by   : Shanghai Takaokaya Co.,Ltd

Size   : 100 gm