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It is a luxurious gem that can only be made by a manufacturer specializing in scallops, which uses plenty of scallops, seasoned directly by fishermen, a rich aroma, and scallops.
The ingredients are only scallops. It is a product that brings out the umami to the maximum by adding scallop adductor muscles to the limit without adding anything extra. No additives are used.
Easy to cook, just put it in the rice cooker and you can enjoy authentic scallop rice. The cooked scallops are plump and have a very soft texture

■ Contents: 300g 
■ Preservation method: Keep Frozen (below -18°C)

Method of Cooking 
Deforst the packet then 2 cup of rice and add in the Hotate Takikomi Gohan Base. if reduce saltiness please do add some water then cook the rice.