Kinmedai Cleaned (Splendid alfonsino)
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Kinmedai are deep water fish, typically residing between 400 and 600 meters below the surface. This is what gives them their distinctively large eyes that sometimes appear to have a golden color.

Kinmedai is a white-fleshed fish with a fairly high fat content and balanced flavor. The meat is not overly fishy, but is rich with umami flavor. Thus, kinmedai is highly versatile, and is prepared in a wide variety of ways. The fish is often simmered in broth (nitsuke), partially dried and then grilled (himono), grilled fresh (shioyaki), or prepared as sashimi or sushi. Another characteristic of kinmedai is its thin skin that is often eaten, even when served raw.


Packaging : Frozen and Cleaned (without scale and guts) 

Size : 700g±