Sasa Custard Mochi
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A Japanese confectionery (frozen) with custard cream wrapped in tsutsumi and wagashi. Wrapped around bamboo leaves one by one, it looks elegant and has a refreshing aroma and taste.

Product Deatails

Product name: Sasa custard mochi

Raw Materials: 

Flower pastes (Japan), sugar (Japan), starch, agar, trehalose, glycine, enzymes, fragrances, preservatives (Sorbic acid K), thickening polysaccharides, coloring agents (carotene, V.B2), emulsifiers, ( Contains eggs, milk, soybeans and apples as part of the ingredients.

Allergen notation: Some of the ingredients include eggs, milk and soybeans. 

Internal capacity: 375g (25g x 15 pieces) C or below.

Preservation mrthod: Store at -18° C or below.

How to enjoy: Please thaw it naturally and enjoy as it is. 

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