OL boiled Tako Wasabi 200G 珍味-ボイルたこわさび
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The cooked octopus which is the best material in China, Seasoning Boiled Octopus With Wasabi

People prefer to call it Tako wasabi(Boiled)in sushi bar, bite-size pieces of cooked octopus marinated in spicy wasabi stem that really sent a spice to our nostrils, absolutely favorite side dish for beer lovers.


Crispy Octopus cuts from China southeast sea and Vietnam offshore, Yangqi DIY wasabi. Absolutely good news to people prefer cooked food, now they can taste the charming Japanese style of tako wasabi, bite size octopus pieces are well cooked, and the aromatic taste become more rich. More options to customer prefer octopus and wasabi,


Octopus cuts, nozawa Vegetable, stem lettuce, wasabi