OL Ajitsuke Inari いなり 10pcs
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A packet of readymade inari fried tofu wraps. These are delicious vegetarian sushi wraps made from sweet fried beancurd (tofu), mirin and soy sauce. Roll rice within the inari fried tofu wraps and any extras such as sesame seeds, burdock, daikon and carrot to create a delicious rice snack. Or serve simply with some sliced, pickled sushi ginger.

What is Inari?

Inari sushi is a tasty vegetarian sushi that is made by simply stuffing inari fried tofu wraps with sushi rice. They are named after the Japanese god Inari who is supposedly a big fan of fried tofu!

How to use?

These inari fried tofu wraps are shaped like pockets and are already cooked so can be prepared quickly.

  • Gently rinse the pockets in hot water briefly to remove any excess oil.
  • Prepare your sushi rice as detailed in our recipe guide.
  • Add the sushi rice to the inari fried tofu pocket and serve.
  • You can also add extra ingredients such as sliced carrots, burdock root and sesame seeds.

Ingredients   : Soybean (not genetically modified, vegetable oil), sugar, reduced water syrup, soy sauce, salt, yeast extract, coagulant for tofu (including wheat as a part of the raw material)

Category   : Sushi, Tofu, Chilled & Frozen

Product of Japan

Size   : 10 pieces (Repack)