OL Mushi Uni うに貝焼き 5pcs/pkt
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Cooked Uni with Shell 

Packaging : 5pcs / pkt 
 Size : 30g per pc 

◆ How to eat delicious ◆
 You can enjoy it as it is, but if you boil the shellfish in the fire or heat it in the oven (2 to 3 minutes) in the microwave (wrap it in plastic wrap for about 1 minute), the scent of the rocky shore will spread further and you can enjoy it deliciously.
 Also, if you like, add a little soy sauce, wrap it, heat it in the microwave for about 1 minute, and sprinkle it with chopped seaweed to easily enjoy "sea urchin rice". (In the case of cold rice, warm the rice first to enjoy it deliciously.)