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Why Ogawa Hamanaka Bafun Uni Narabi is a Grade A Bafun Uni ?

The sea, where high-quality kelp grows, is the best environment for sea urchins that feed on kelp. Hamanaka is a kelp town that boasts one of the largest production volumes in Japan, and the production of sea urchin is also active. Natural sea urchins naturally inhabit the waters near Hamanaka Town, and while increasing valuable resources by releasing young sea urchins, we are properly managing them so that they are not exhausted.

In recent years, the aquaculture business has also become active, and the grown sea urchins are shipped to the market by feeding them with kelp as food in the aquaculture basket. It is highly evaluated as a first-class product in terms of both taste and appearance, and it is also traded at a high price in Japan's No. 1 Toyosu market.

If you are unflinchingly determined to taste one of the best Uni that Japan has to offer, Ogawa Bafun Uni Narabi will not disappoint.