OL Tsubugai Kimuchi 200g つぶ貝キムチ
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Delicious pickle seasoning Top Shell or conch With Kim Chee Sauce, seasoned Top shell with kim chee

Chunky and mellow top shell, heavily flavored with Yangqi DIY kim chee sauce,top shell inner meat white and outer skin black, then fully covered with kim chee sauce, once bite will feel meat tight and flexible, perfect snacks to a glass of chilled beer.


Fresh and beautiful color top shells, nutritious green stem lettuce, well mixed withYangqi special delicious kim chee sauce, a more fabulous cold appetizer add to your dining experience. It can use separately in appetizers and starters, could laid out to customer table with other salads. You will find them more in sushi bar and restaurants.


Top shell, lettuce stem, kim chee sauce